The Gloucestershire Course in Spiritual Direction

There are a growing number of Christians seeking to deepen their spiritual life and commitment, and consequently a growing need for spiritual directors/ companions. The Gloucestershire Course was launched in 1998 and has run successfully ever since. It is offered on an ecumenical basis and aims to enhance people’s natural gifts in accompanying others on their Christian journey. It provides an opportunity for those with gifts of listening and discernment to develop those gifts and be able to ‘companion’ others seeking to articulate their faith and discern God’s work in their lives.

The Course is open to Christians of any denomination (clergy or lay) and you can see from the information box below the breadth of spiritual tradition and background the participants come from. This provides a truly ecumenical community over the two years, allowing for much sharing and mutual exploration, which deepens and broadens understanding and experience of the Christian tradition.

Each course starts with an Introductory Weekend in February and spreads over two years, allowing significant time for growth and formation. Each year consists of two semesters of Wednesday morning session on Zoom followed by a small group tutorial meeting of one hour later in the day

There are also two residential weekends – an Individually Guided Retreat and a Residential Workshop, plus 3 workshop days. The cost of these is covered in the termly fee so that we can meet together.

  • Personal development and discipleship
  • Practical contemplative listening skills of the spiritual director
  • Spiritual discernment
  • Basic understanding of human development and the recognition of different stages on the way, to include specialist areas such as loss, sexuality, the dying, masculine/feminine spirituality and models of spiritual growth.
  • The psychology and ethics involved in the process of spiritual directing
  • Understanding and experience of the varying ways of prayer developed in differing traditions

We help participants find a spiritual director to accompany and support them through the Course, and students also work in small tutor groups for part of each course day, allowing for more intimate group sharing and individual support from a personal tutor.

We hope the information boxes below answer any questions you have, but if we can help you further do contact us.

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