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A Companion’s Way

The Gloucestershire Course in Spiritual Direction


It is good practice for spiritual directors to be in a relationship of supervision with another person, the purpose of which is to ensure that direction works within ethical boundaries and a framework of accountability. Some spiritual directors belong to peer supervision groups with whom they meet on a regular basis. The purpose of these groups is to provide these members with support and feedback regarding their work as spiritual directors and to hold them accountable in their ministry. These confidential meetings are conducted in a prayerful atmosphere, with attentive listening for the promptings of the Spirit. The focus of the sessions is the growth of the directors.

Spiritual directors generally engage in regular training and continuing professional and spiritual development. Many will be members of the Spiritual Director’s International, a global organisation which sets out guidelines for ethical conduct and integrity in a spiritual direction relationship.

Photo © Dr Peter Barrow – with thanks
Photo © Dr Peter Barrow – with thanks