“I am not what I do and you are not what you do or what others say about you, or what you possess. The voice that speaks from above and from within whispers softly or declares loudly, ‘You are God’s beloved!’. May those words reverberate in every corner of your being.” Henri Nouwen

Photo © Dr Peter Barrow – with thanks
Photo © Dr Peter Barrow – with thanks

Please note that the next course will start in September 2021

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Publicity Leaflet

Green fields and blue skies over the Cotswold way

The course is currently undergoing an exciting and thorough review process to ensure it is fit for the task of training people to listen deeply and authentically to those seeking such companionship on their journey through life. The course will restart in 2021.
Those wishing to have more information or express an interest in attending the course in the future please use the contact form on this website and we shall ensure you are kept up to date with developments (posted November 2019).