A Companion’s Way

The Gloucestershire Course in Spiritual Direction

“I am not what I do and you are not what you do or what others say about you, or what you possess. The voice that speaks from above and from within whispers softly or declares loudly, ‘You are God’s beloved!’. May those words reverberate in every corner of your being.” Henri Nouwen

Photo © Dr Peter Barrow – with thanks
Photo © Dr Peter Barrow – with thanks

Please note that the next course will start in September 2020

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Green fields and blue skies over the Cotswold way

The Spirituality Network for Gloucestershire is an ecumenical group based in the county of Gloucestershire but welcoming members from adjoining counties. It is an informal network of people drawn from all Christian denominations, who seek to explore, affirm and share a wide variety of spiritual traditions and insights